Current Fundraising Project 


Ramadan Food Pack Appeal, Feed a Poor Family Iftar 2020



100% Donation 

Every Single Penny of Your Donation Will Go To The Cause

MP Foundation operates a 100% donation policy. In other words, this means that every penny you donated to MP Foundation, whether it is Zakat, Sadaqah or Lillah will strictly be used for charitable purposes.

How Does Our 100% Donation Policy work?

If you donate £10 towards our Ramadan food pack, we will in sha Allah be spending all £10 on a food pack related project. SIMPLE!

MP Foundation understands its responsibility when it comes to the handling of donations and is open to any accountability.

We will always use your donations for the project you have donated for. We do not use donation money for any other purpose apart from for the charitable cause for which you donated.



How Does MP Foundation Cover its Costs?


MP Foundation has been designed to have a very low to non-administration cost, to keep the charity running at low-cost we arrange our trustee meetings at hired office space at a low daily rate (when required) avoiding continuous office rental cost, website hosting, telephone line all which is donated by our trustees who are working in a home-based office and are fully volunteering as well as our project volunteers in Bangladesh. We do not take out any admin charges or salaries from your donation money. We work with our passion to support people in poverty.

Transportation of goods,1 employee who lives below the poverty line in Bangladesh and money transfer fees are also covered by the trustee donations.

Which makes your donation 100%

100% Zakat Policy


As well as operating 100% Donation Policy on general donations, MP Foundation also operates 100% Zakat Policy. Above all, we distribute every single penny of your Zakat among the eight categories mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Please leave a note on the payment option when making a Zakat donation.


Do You Have Any Questions About Our 100% Donation Policy?

We are very approachable. If any of our donors want to find out more about our 100% donation policy or have any questions, please email We’ll be more than happy to explain the policy in detail.



100% Donation Policy – 100% Transparency Policy


As well as our 100% donation policy, MP Foundation operates with a 100% Transparency Policy as well. Therefore, if any of our donors or someone who is thinking of donating to our causes have any questions about our projects or operations, please get in touch with us.

We always welcome constructive criticism and suggestions about improving our policies, procedures and the way we operate.

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