Eid Ul Adha
Qurbani Distrubution Report 2020

Mp Foundation has successfully completed the Qurbani distribution in one of the poorest parts of Bangladesh; - villages consisting mainly around riversides, with no help of support! The flooding has destroyed their homes, livelihoods, harvesting and cultivation with millions of people displaced or missing from their families, alongside living under minimum shelter.

Riverbanks are overflowing and flood defences such as dykes, dams and sluices have been damaged because of the heavy monsoon rains, which has caused millions of lives to be affected, this predominately has been the worst throughout the last century.

It is very sad to see millions of vulnerable Bangladeshis from all parts of the country having to deal with another terrifying disaster of flooding, while already having a hard time coping with the corona-virus (covid-19).

NOW, with your continuous support we have been able to help over one hundred of vulnerable people with food from the Qurbani;





Ramadan Food Pack Distrubution Report 2020

MP Foundation would like to thank everyone for their generous donations. With all the funds raised,

we have been able to complete the Ramadan food pack fundraising. This meant that we were able to distribute food in rural areas of Sunamganj which is a district located in north-eastern Bangladesh within the Sylhet Division. Our team in Bangladesh searched for the poorest people over 10 villages to receive the food packs which contained enough food to feed a family of 5 for Iftar and Sehri for 5 days. With your help we were able to distribute enough food for up to 650 individuals. Most of those who received the pack were the elderly, widows, disabled, mentally ill, corona virus effected and those with very low income. Those who were unable to attend the distribution due to difficulties, we have arranged the food packs to be delivered.






Medical aid and awareness programme for coronavirus: With the help of our generous donors, we were able to provide 200 anti-bacterial products and 200 masks. We have also distributed 500 information leaflets about coronavirus and our volunteers at MPF have educated a total of 500 poor people in rural areas about important information that includes: a) What are the symptoms of the disease, b) What to do if they have these symptoms and c) How to protect themselves from the virus.


We were able to provide food to more than 100 children at an orphanage shelter located in Sunamganj district, within the Sylhet Division, Bangladesh. The children were extremely happy & grateful and we are looking forward to providing more for them.

Warm blankets for needy families: Many poor people in Bangladesh cannot afford to buy warm clothes in winter. Last year with your generous donations we have supplied blankets to several poor families in rural areas who were suffering in the cold.


Rice pack distribution for seasonal flood victims: With the help of our donors we have provided rice packs to families who were affected by flood in Sunamganj, Bangladesh. This initiative might not mitigate all their problems but remit their sufferings to a little extent.

Books and school uniforms for children's education: Every last child deserves the opportunity to learn. Your support is an investment in the future, helping disadvantaged kids stay in school and complete their education. Our donors have enabled us to provide school fees, free books, education materials and school uniforms for several children.


100% Donation Policy – 100% Transparency Policy

With a 0% administration fee, every penny of every pound will be spent towards the cause.

We are very approachable. If any of our donors want to find out more about our 100% donation policy or have any questions, please email We’ll be more than happy to explain the policy in detail.

As well as our 100% donation policy, MP Foundation operates with a 100% Transparency Policy as well. Therefore, if any of our donors or someone who is thinking of donating to our causes have any questions about our projects or operations, please get in touch with us.

Please continue to support MPF so we can support those people in poverty.

MP foundation believes that chronic poverty is an injustice. We believe in the inherent worth of all persons, and that individual and community empowerment is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. One in five people lives below the poverty line in Bangladesh. MPF is working hard to connect people with food and end hunger.

Currently, we are working on six kinds of projects. They are:

  • Food packs for indigent people.

  • Sponsoring a child's education.

  • Wheelchair for the disabled.

  • Warm blankets for needy families.

  • Free medical care for the disabled.

  • Water-tube pump for water-scarce areas.

We are continuously working to help the needy people in Bangladesh. Some of the programmes we were able to accomplish so far are the following.


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